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You asked for a camera with features.

You asked for zoom and macro

You asked for a great time lapse camera.


Afidus delivered.

The Afidus ATL-200 is an exciting new long term time lapse camera. It has been a long wait for an innovative camera, the wait is finally over. Getting a long term camera to 1080 has been challenging, Afidus did it and added so much more. The creative aspect of a optical zoom lens with autofocus alone is a game changer. Finally, frame the scene you want without the cost of optional lenses. This page only scratches the surface, there are five recording modes, including stop motion. Explore the site and discover the potential. is the exclusive retailer for the Afidus camera in North America. Afidus chose us because of our customer care reputation, wealth of product knowledge and experience with long term time lapse cameras. We have been working with Afidus for since October of 2018 on testing and product improvement, to deliver a great new camera to you. This is our micro-site dedicated to in-depth and accurate information regarding this amazing new camera.

Afidus ATL-200S

Time Lapse Camera Features

Full HD 1080 Sensor

1080 in a long term camera


MP4 video file format

Pinch Zoom Screen

to confirm precise focus

(ATL-200 only)

Tap Autofocus

With manual precision too

(ATL-200 only)

Dual Zoom Lens

16-35mm equivalent

with 4X Digital Zoom

(ATL-200S only)

Weather Resistant

IPX65 rated


Capture working hours only

Sony HDR Sensor

Hi Dynamic Range

Wi-Fi App Control

with full screen preview

Motion Detection

Surveillance, nature, traffic

(ATL-200 only)

Macro Focus

Inches from lens

(ATL-200 only)

Long Battery Life

Weeks to months


take a peek

{hover over images}


Long Term Time Lapse

79 days of restaurant construction with only two battery changes!


Long Term Time Lapse

Eleven weeks plant growth on one battery change.

go ahead ZOOM IN

snoop around

The freedom to zoom in is one of the "Pro" features of this camera.

Two total Afidus ATL-200 cameras were posted on top of the Rochester, MN Government center four stories above the entrance hole of the Akkerman tunnel project. Their purpose for the project was to provide the zooming range of the site. Each camera was started within moments of one another. We were lucky to capture these frames match of the moment when the MTBM head was lifted into position on Dec 31st, 2019.


Afidus ATL-200 zoomed out, equal to 16 mm lens.


Afidus ATL-200 zoomed in, equal to 36 mm lens.


ATL-200S the nerdy good stuff...

* CARD STORAGE * AFIDUS Manufacturer states cameras are compatible up to 128 GB although not all brands have been tested to confirm they are compatible. In most cases using a 64 GB card is more than enough for standard construction projects. We recommend monthly camera checks and archiving content along the way.

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