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when you're stumped this is the place

Use this page as starting point for tips on the issues 
you may have with the system.

Most solutions can be solved with the following:

Replace the batteries with
fresh brand name batteries.

We recommend Energizer Max.

mSD card@3x.png

Check that card and make sure its clear with plenty of room left.

bad image- IMG_3603.PNG

This pink preview is caused by the camera being knocked around (think football during the shipping process or camera dropping on site because it got bumped). 

Short Solution: remove the battery carriage and reseat the card. Reinsert the battery carriage. 

pink preview

Unrsponsive App

unresponsive app


If the app is unresponsive, "It's taking a nap".

Simply close the app and open it up. 

This occurs most frequently during the first connection (iOS) with the camera when the zoom slider is unresponsive. 

long BEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!

Unresponsive Camera

If you experience the long "BEEEEEEEEEP!"

There are two procedures to resolve this issue:

1) Don't Panic. While this sound is surprising, this will resolve itself with leaving it alone. After approximately two minutes the unit will stop. Shut the unit down. Then power it back up. If the sound persists proceed to step 2.

2.  Continue with a camera reset 

Hint:  grab the micro USB cord and a power source

or brick, you will need it. 

Our article helps to clarify the manufacturer settings with what we recommend.

will not power on.


Situation: if the camera has been left unused or unattended for a period of time; the batteries might be too low to power up and the wifi to connect.


Solution A:

Change them out for fresh new ones.

(we are not talking about rechargeables or the ones rolling around in the back of the drawer.)

Solution B:

Power the camera on with the micro USB cord to rule out batteries as the issue. Then proceed with fresh NEW batteries. 




This article is mostly for iOS users.


If the Wi-Fi connection is slow and you are waiting more than 2 minutes for the connection. Do this. 

Short Solution:

  • Start with fresh batteries.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi on your mobile device for 3-5 seconds

  • Turn Wi-Fi back on.

  • Wait for the Blue checkmark to appear.

Next TIP: Reinstall the app.

Afidus updates their app and features with their camera firmware nearly every six months.


Delete the app and reinstall it and try again.

condensation under the lens

Condensation under the lens

Water entry can happen. Exposed to all inclement weather the system is rated IP5 with the silicone sleeve used. 

Short Solution:

  1. remove the camera from its location

  2. remove batteries and card from camera

  3. use a gentle fan blowing into the open battery compartment

  4. let dry for 72 hours or

  5. use a large Silica Gel Packet to dry it out in an air tight sealed container for the 72 hours.

Most often the camera will dry out after the 72 hours of rest time and be back on the job after a brief vacation.

Be sure to start with fresh name brand batteries and a fresh card for your next camera start up.

lets touch base on the
preflight checklist


in the palm of your hand

our handy resource available to get you started from first connection, setting your first time lapse and walk through tips through the entire process.

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