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Come see the fun stuff

Ken Allwine

Master of All

Ken is the master of juggling all things in life. His home project is captured front to back with the Afidus Camera System. Go see him and his updates on his YouTube Channel-you'll be sure to learn a thing or two from this master of trades.

Matt Panella

Blogger, Tool Master

Right out of the box and Matt is looking sharp!

Matt is a seasoned content creator and talented builder based out of sunny California. Armed with a goto attitude, clever know how and technical abilities there's no question why this superhero does what he does.

Stanley Genadek

Genius Tool Tester

Stanley "Dirt Monkey" grabs your attention and his nearly 300K YouTube subscribers would agree. His viral comparison videos are a mix of humor, accurate information and strike tones with his viewers. We are happy Stanley has embraced his Afidus camera and is now using it for all of his time lapse video content creation.

Michael Lohr

Master of Tinkering, the Wiz-Kid

Michael Lohr is the wiz kid of Time Lapse for the greater Colorado area and frankly wherever he decides to strike next. In his workshop, he’s best known for documenting creations with a camera mounted on a slider crawling it up the wall. As the master of tinkering there is no bounds to what he can create. You can see his Magmonter for yourself or his LED light wand in action on his accounts.

Darryl Dahl

Social Media Enterpriser "The Voice"

Darryl Dahl aka the other voice of TimeLapseCameras. The king of multitasking. If he’s got one thing going on there are 20 just underneath the surface. From websites to social media, volunteer work, founder of "Where the Heck is Cheteck" and his legendary MC skills, Daryl’s the man for the job who gets it all done at the same time while managing Dahlhouse Enterprises.

Enthusiast & Designer

Life started with her first Time Lapse video...capturing a crazy critter who was invading her home. Caught on Time Lapse Camera (and in the trap) she was hooked. Life in rural SE MN has her busy, besides volunteering for non-profits, spreading the news about art in communities, she's also rehabbing a 1875 Victorian Farmhouse-the icing on the cake-which she produces that too! 

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