count on an army of cameras to capture your next big project.

Offering range and depth, the ability to capture your subject with crisp detail  is key to successful project using the Afidus ATL-200 and ATL-201 time lapse cameras.

P.S. Don't forget your mount!

These cameras were using the Mag Monster during the documentation of the Rochester MN Akkerman tunnel boring project.

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Released January,  2019


Document your short or long term timelapses with this feature packed camera. The ATL-200 is your professional solution including multiple recording modes and dual zoom, optical 16-35 mm with 4X digital zoom.

Released January, 2020


Capable simplicity defines the second generation timelapse camera from Afidus with amazing low-light capability. The fixed focal point make it the time-saving,
go-to solution for quick setup on site without having to focus.


Afidus ATL-200 Time Lapse Camera

We set up a side-by-side comparison, with identical recording settings, to highlight the best of both models. As you’ll see, both cameras produced amazing footage.

The ATL 200 offers a zoom lens similar to 16-35 mm.

When you need to zoom and capture detail this is your camera of choice. 


Other users will appreciate the ease of the ATL-201 with the fixed low light lens.

NEW Afidus ATL-201 Time Lapse Camera




For every project, you’ll want to choose the right camera for the job.

Do you want choose your zoom setting and have the pro-level features of the ATL-200?

Or, will you relish in the fixed focus, low-light lens of the ATL-201

* CARD STORAGE * AFIDUS Manufacturer states cameras are compatible up to 128 GB although not all brands have been tested to confirm they are compatible. In most cases using a 64 GB card is more than enough for standard construction projects. We recommend monthly camera checks and archiving content along the way.

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