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Time Lapse


Time-lapse photography tells a story. Whether it’s at a construction site, an art exhibit, or in your own backyard, no project is too big or small.



Bring construction projects to life with time-lapse photography by sharing your company’s hard work and dedication on the construction site. Attract new clients by showcasing your aptitude for design and safety. Get one step ahead of your competitors.


If you’re a homeowner, use the Afidus time-lapse camera to record your home makeover, and share the results with family and friends at your next get-together. They’ll be amazed!



Weather and nature never stops for a great time lapse topic to capture. Comets, stars, moon, inclement weather is no match in these seasonal examples.

Interior studio tripod setup


Go ahead, get close.

Now get closer. In these controlled macro/growth examples you will see the full gambit of potential. 


Event / Art
3D Printing / Life

Time Lapse is not just about building but about creating and sharing. From large scale trade show events to full art in mural installation these samples scratch the crafting surface we all our jobs.

Afidus ATL-200 Riverside
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