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you'll want to know about

Innovation in the  work field lead  to the  200S Camera. 


Developed. Sensitive.  "Snappier " in response, with immediate preview in the app, quick to focus and loaded with more features above and beyond the previous ATL-200 model.

NOTE: All the features listed below are

NEW only available on the ATL-200S model released to the US market October 2020.

Digital Zoom_1@3x.png

ATL-200S only

Digital zoom

Digital Zoom.jpg

When engaged this will expand the zoom upto 4x the optical zoom range of the camera. 

Resulting in 16-35 + 40-140 mil range.  See our site example. 

the flagship

Our first introduction video release of the ATL-200 camera.

Where it all began. Since  2018 Afidus as added more then seven new camera functions within the app. They continue to be responsive to mobile operating system updates and sensitive to customer requests. 

All the content on this website was created exclusively the knowledge of how to run the system properly by

Back Light Control.png

ATL-200S only


Located on the first screen within the scene selection. This is best used in situations where the subject is lit from behind. This feature will even out the front and back exposure of the scene.


Since the ATL-200S features true tonal HDR scope-if you are using a previous 200 or 201 model the HDR was always set to high.  To give you the most responsive dynamic range.  For the 200S model the HDR low which is the start of perfection.  You can fine-tune this to your scene by adjusting to HDR low, medium and high.

Select back light compensation from the Scene menu. Adjust to your satisfaction. 


ATL-200S only

digital image stabilization

Digital Image Stabilization.jpg

Toggle this ON to engage Digital Image Stabilization, DIS, is used when you need to smooth out your footage due to camera movement. Best used in constant capture at 24 or 30 FPS (frames per second).

Afidus Calendar.png

ATL-200S only


Split Fie by Date.jpg

This feature is tops in our book and highly requested by ATL-200/201 users. This feature alone makes working with content in post production easier for the NEW 200S model.


Splitting files by a date means exactly that. All .mp4 files created by the camera will have a file size limited up to 537MB in size. When this feature is engaged, your footage will be separated up to that file size and by date. Meaning for a daily, month long project you will have split files for monday, tuesday etc according to the days that you set.  

Afidus Auto Exposure.png

ATL-200S only

Auto exposure Optimizer

Auto Exposure Optimization.jpg

Automatic Exposure Optimizer would be used in situations where you would have a higher flicker and quick light changes such as sunrises or sunsets.  In short, this feature overrides the 50/60 Hz selection and reduces exposure flicker especially in sunrise/sunset scenario. 

We recommend turning this ON for short sunset/sunrises time lapses


ATL-200S only

Rotate 0/90/180/270

Full Settings@3x.png

We find this handy in a variety of situations. At times on job sites, we install our cameras upside down like bats. Rotating the view 180 from the menu will flip the video in the preview screen allowing you to view it normally, making it a little more convenient for you. 


For some users the 90 and 270 is an intriguing angle for capturing extremely tall structures. In this example, <RPU tower> the camera was posted horizontally and the rotate feature was set to 90. Resulting in a vertical video perfect for IGTV story use displaying at 1080x1920p


ATL-200S only


The file size will vary with settings. Efficiency compression is a newer Codec using H.265. equal to 30% smaller files than capturing in Compatible compression mode.

We leave this setting at Compatible.

If you are an experienced editor and you you know your computer system can handle H.265 then change this to Efficiency.

Dive deeper into our extensive article.

Video Compression_2.jpg
Afidus Calendar.png

ATL-200S only


Recording Appointment screen shot.jpg

A feature added in July 2021 with the latest firmware update to 4632 for only the ATL-200S/201S models. With this new addition you can set your camera to start recording on a specific date. This is handy in the field when you will set the cameras up on site on a Monday and the project wont start until Friday.


We urge you to check this setting from the information screen to confirm it is accurate and you start the camera in the correct year. 

Batch settings_3x.png

batch settings

Batch Settings

If you have a total of two time-lapse photography tasks this month, one during the week and the other during the weekend, you can choose Backup 1 as your week setting, and Backup 2 is your weekend shooting settings.

Be sure to check the information screen to ensure you have selected the right programmed Batch for the job you want to record. 

Afidus Timelapse Construction Clamp.jpg

app tutorials

you'll want to know how to do these

These features are the building blocks, the foundation, of a great time lapse camera system.  The ATL-200 model was released in the fall of 2018 and hit the floor running with these core essential items. 


Afidus ATL-200 App Zoom

Actual ATL-200 screen recordings with phone held vertically to the left and phone rotated for full screen view below, with pinch out to verify focus at the end of the video.

Image Alignment

Image alignment is a unique feature only found in the Afidus ATL-200. Removing the card to download or changing batteries may require  moving the camera. Image alignment builds a wireframe overlay based upon a snapshot taken before the camera was moved. With a visual reference is is easy to reposition the camera in exactly the same position for seamless capture.

Time Lapse Calculator

Your capture interval is one of the most important variables, capturing too often you may have an editing nightmare, if the interval is too high you will not have enough content. Finding the perfect balance is easy with the Afidus ATL-200. Select your project duration, enter an interval and the finish video length will be displayed. Adjust the interval so you capture the exact amount of desired content.

Timer & Schedule

The Afidus ATL-200's app based timer and day-of-the week schedule, eliminates unnecessary editing. Capture working hours only and avoiding weekends greatly speeds up your editing workflow.

Macro & Zoom

The Afidus ATL-200 offers a 16-35mm (full frame equivalent) optical zoom lens and 4X Digital Zoom macro. Achieve DSLR quality results with a $399 camera. There is no need to buy expensive gear, worry about weatherproofing or shutter life. Macro time lapse made easy. 

Hands Master App Screens.jpg

Dive into learning about the camera at our full on-line user guide. continues to update this section as Afidus add new features with every update. 

in the palm of your hand

our handy resource available to get you started from first connection, setting your first time lapse and walk through tips through the entire process.

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