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Afidus App Features

These highlights are the major features, others include.

  • Stop motion mode, select Snapshot and build a video using the power/shutter button on the camera.

  • Step Video mode allows you to make creative movies at 15 FPS with a time gap between captures.

  • You can mount the camera upside down and have the subject rotated for proper orientation when you download the video.

  • The app has a card format feature, perfect for the times you have downloaded your content but forgot to delete.   

  • The time stamp can be enabled, position changed and even customized with your own text

  • The date and time are always correct, based upon your phone's date and time.

  • Firmware updates are done via the app and Wi-Fi.

  • Custom settings include Exposure, Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, HDR Range, Quality, Scene Settings and 16:9 or 1:1 (square format)

And there is even more to discover...


Afidus ATL-200 App Zoom

Actual ATL-200 screen recordings with phone held vertically to the left and phone rotated for full screen view below, with pinch out to verify focus at the end of the video.


Image Alignment

Image alignment is a unique feature only found in the Afidus ATL-200. Removing the card to download or changing batteries may require  moving the camera. Image alignment builds a wireframe overlay based upon a snapshot taken before the camera was moved. With a visual reference is is easy to reposition the camera in exactly the same position for seamless capture.

Time Lapse Calculator

Your capture interval is one of the most important variables, capturing too often you may have an editing nightmare, if the interval is too high you will not have enough content. Finding the perfect balance is easy with the Afidus ATL-200. Select your project duration, enter an interval and the finish video length will be displayed. Adjust the interval so you capture the exact amount of desired content.

Timer & Schedule

The Afidus ATL-200's app based timer and day-of-the week schedule, eliminates unnecessary editing. Capture working hours only and avoiding weekends greatly speeds up your editing workflow.

Macro & Zoom

The Afidus ATL-200 offers a 16-35mm (full frame equivalent) optical zoom lens and 4X Digital Zoom macro. Achieve DSLR quality results with a $399 camera. There is no need to buy expensive gear, worry about weatherproofing or shutter life. Macro time lapse made easy. 

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Dive into learning about the camera at our full on-line user guide.

We continue to update this section as Afidus add new features with every update.