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Video Compression what does it really mean.

Afidus is always improving their app and increasing it's capability, just like iOS. With that said, one of the more recent changes within the recent firmware update to 4334 and 4367 found on the ATL-200 and 201 models and likewise found on the updated ATL-200S models is the Compression toggle.

Afidus has simplified this video setting within the Settings fly-out menu.

When selected it will present two options.

Compatible and Efficiency.

The file size will vary with the settings.

A rough answer is. Compression is equal to 40% smaller than the compatible size.

Our Take:

(Because that's important too...)

Leave it on Compatible.


If you are checking your cameras weekly/biweekly and especially monthly like we recommend within normal operating standards using the one-minute to-win-it during weekday, daytime hours i.e. 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday.

Your 16gb card will not fill up and you will be due for a battery change.

Sure you can save your card space. However let's talk about content safety.

Just Save it:

Pull the content from the card, by replacing the card, and back it up to a second or third location for safe keeping and editing in the future.

This is another blog topic on how to store and organize your Timelapse Content safely.

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