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Afidus App and user guide to starting your first timelapse

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Let's get you up and running with the Afidus Time Lapse Camera system.

In this start-up video we walk you through the Afidus App download, Wi-Fi Connection, Zoom and Focus check, and how to deploy your your first timelapse. There are a lot of tips and tricks to share with you on this system. Join us on your journey as we continue to share our knowledge using the Afidus Time Lapse Camera system. Be sure to check out the extensive user guide posted at:

Afidus User guide

Afidus Digital TLC Brochure_9.23.2021
Download PDF • 2.61MB

iOS Users

March 2021 iOS user connection update. iOS users see an extra (pesky) notice. When you see a BLUE CHECK MARK you are connected, head over to the Afidus App for full control of the camera.

There are a couple of TIPS for connection:

Always start with a fresh set of brand name batteries (Energizer Max) and the manufacturer supplied 16mb mSD card installed.

  • If the app become unresponsive, refresh the app by closing it and opening it.

  • If the connection continues to spin and is unresponsive, refresh it by turning the Wi-Fi off for 2-5 seconds. Then turn back on. Wait for the blue check mark to appear next to the camera in the network. Then head over to the Afidus App.

  • If the camera does not connect, head back to settings and “forget” the wifi network. Then enter our TLC camera password, 87654321.

  • Delete and the app

  • Restart your mobile device

  • Reinstall the Afidus App

  • Try the connection again


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