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About the Cam

This site is loaded with camera features, photos and examples. You can see this is an exciting new camera, unlike anything else available. Since receiving our first camera a few months ago it is all we have been shooting with and there were a few games of rock-paper-scissors over who gets to use it next.

The greatest feature, aside from the long battery life, is the ability to zoom which gives you creative control by cropping out unwanted areas of your video. The camera has an optical zoom lens, you can hear the internal movement when you change the zoom range. Once the autofocus kicks in and you see the result the outcome is so satisfying.

There is a little more to think about with this camera. You will want to verify your focus with every new shoot. It's very easy to do, however, if you are accustomed to simply mounting a camera and starting the recording, the Afidus will take a little getting used to. You will be rewarded with a perfectly crisp and framed video.


The specifications are amazing, but the camera is not time tested for long term exterior use. If you want to capture an exterior home build in Arizona or Alaska we may recommend another camera for now. However, the Afidus is a great camera for everything else. From a kitchen remodel to woodworking, 3D printing to crafting the Afidus is a perfect long term time lapse camera for most uses. Update, the cold weather performance has been phenomenal using lithium batteries. Our cameras ran through the -40 degree polar vortex without any issues, however, it was nice piece of mind to check the indicator light occasionally.  


We are learning amazing new features every day, tonight's discovery, the LED indicator flashes every five seconds to tell you a recording is in progress, unlike other cameras which only flash along with the interval. Even the date and time are always correct, based upon your phone's date and time.

Welcome to our new generation of content creation.


 Get to know

Josh Banks and Marie Ferguson are the faces of our small team. We have built a reputation of customer care with unprecedented user support. Check out our Instagram account for testimonials, a wide variety of videos and the latest Afidus camera updates.


Josh’s roots using dedicated time lapse cameras started back in 2013. Working as a commercial photographer in Rochester, Minnesota, he was hired to do a year long construction time lapse. Following the success of the project, Josh was discovered by Brinno and was hired to work directly with the company, assisting with major trade shows, work on location in Taiwan, content creation, marketing direction for US communications and provide top level customer care in North America. 


This top-level customer care prompted him to know the intricacies of the camera system and where users need the most assistance. Based on the details of your project he is able to assist you with the best camera choice and matched settings tailored to your project needs.  


In 2016, Josh stepped away from Brinno to start a site focused on customer care,  Branding and imagery are a key to start up success, he turned to Marie, a professional Graphic Designer and Photographer, from their previous careers. The concept was born with a phone call, "hey Marie, I need a logo." Two years later, we now have an established time lapse camera company. Marie handles video editing for clients worldwide, graphic design and much of our content creation.


In October 2018, Afidus, a surveillance camera manufacturer in Taiwan, contacted us and wanted us to evaluate their new camera. We received one of the first pre-production cameras and we were blown away with the potential. An exclusive partnership between Afidus and TimeLapseCameras grew very quickly. Afidus wanted customer support in North America and we were a perfect fit. We have helped with app development and feature suggestions. Remarkable updates have happened and there are more exciting features coming soon to the system. User input has been a critical force implementing positive change for this system. Afidus has done an amazing job making the magic happen. was mapped out in December of 2018. We needed to showcase this amazing new camera. is built as a shopping site, bells and whistles are lacking. This site is an explosive medium for us conveying the awesome features and video content communicating excitement and sharing awesome content. They  are very proud to say every photo and video were created by us and every word was typed with our fingers.


This is an amazing time, thank you for taking a few minutes to get to know us. 


The wait will be worth it

We built this site to showcase the amazing features of the Afidus camera, to order please visit our shopping site

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