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Afidus PIR recording mode.png

(creative recording mode)

ATL-200 & 200S only

Afidus Snapshot Recording Mode.png

(creative recording mode)

All ATL models

TimeLapse recording mode

All Afidus

ATL models

Afidus Video Lapse recording mode

(creative recording mode)

All ATL models

Afidus Hybrid recording mode

(creative recording mode)

ATL-200 & 200S only


Selecting the right recording mode is critical for the job. Most often you will record using Time Lapse recording mode. All the other recording modes are creative with unique ending results. This page is dedicated to the quick summary providing links to videos and articles further explaining these modes.

We recommend you master the art and function of using Time Lapse recording mode prior to playing with the rest of the creative recording modes. 

Afidus PIR mode_edited.png


(creative recording mode)

ATL-200 & 200S only

Motion Sensing

PIR (Passive Infared Recording Mode)

This motion sensing creative recording mode is best suited for short term event wildlife, backyard monitoring, intruder, basically low frequency movement.


The camera is triggered to record when the sensor is activated by heat engery. It will record with a slight delay in a short length of footage. This creative recording mode will create dozens if not hundreds of files for you to select from.

It’s worth noting, in this mode each time the PIR is triggered, every video the camera shots will be stored as a separate file under the “PIR” folder section of the gallery.



Afidus Snapshot Mode.png


(creative recording mode)

All ATL-models


This mode takes an image capture with the camera.


To operate:

You'll need the patience of a saint to make a stop frame animation movie.

The app will collect all the capture and save them to one speedy fast .mp4 video file. If desired, you can further edit video into a final video project on your computer. This mode is also known as stop frame animation

This is one of the most challenging creative modes to work with. There is a 1-3 second time delay from when the shutter button is pressed to when the camera records the photo and is saved to the cameras card.

We advise setting the camera to 1 FPS.

Snapshots are stored under the snapshot folder of the gallery.

This video highlights the manual operation it of the camera showing what it takes to the generate the captured video before editing.

TimeLapse Icon.png


All ATL-models


This is the standard time-lapse recording mode. Choose the interval settings you want to use and off you go. It will record according to the settings you specify within the menu flyout.


For most projects remaining within the "Minute-to-Win-it" using a 1 minutes interval covers the action for a week up to one month long. Be sure to set the schedule from the settings menu, capturing during working hours Monday-Friday 8 am to 5pm. This reduces editing cutting out the nights. 

Set the FPS on the first screen to either 25 or 30 for fluid playback speed. 



Time Lapse
Afidus Video Lapse_edited.png


(creative recording mode)

All ATL-models

VIDEO LAPSE (aka Step Video)

Video lapse mode works by selecting the capture burst (3-10 seconds) from the main settings menu. Then on the first screen at (clock icon) you select your “spanning interval” which is the interval of time not captured in live motion.


With playback at 100% speed the footage ticks a long with breaks. Adversely, if you speed it up then it will look like a traditional time lapse. The golden nugget is opportunities to capture details only seeing using constant capture burst. The perfect moment when something is in a frame.

We joke around by saying, "this is the ultimate casino game to play" meaning; you will WIN every time it's just a matter of timing.

Video Lapse
Afidus Hybrid Mode_edited.png


HYBRID (best of both worlds)
Time Lapse + Motion Sensing

Hybrid is a creative recording mode where you want a blend of content. The motion sensor will be triggered by a change in heat recording a short clip. Then, when the sensor is not triggered the camera will record a regular time lapse according to the interval you set.

We find this recording mode works best in controlled situations. Otherwise, it will fire each and every time the sensor is triggered. This can be a good thing in large empty room spaces observing activity, travel patterns, plant and decay observation, or capturing critters where they should or shouldn't be. We recommend you closely monitor camera operating in this mode as the manufacturer supplied 16gb card could fill up sooner than anticipated. 

The best feature about the camera system is the ability to schedule the working recording hours. If left OFF then the system will capture 24/7. If the schedule is ON then the camera will only record during the hours you set.

Hands Master App Screens.jpg

Dive into learning about the camera at our full on-line user guide. continues to update this section as Afidus add new features with every update. 

in the palm of your hand

our handy resource available to get you started from first connection, setting your first time lapse and walk through tips through the entire process.

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