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Afidus, Start your Time Lapse

  1. Mount the camera securely, and by that we mean fasten it down-so it does not wiggle.

  2. Frame your subject.

  3. Check zoom and focus.

  4. Enter your record schedule from the settings menu.

  5. Select the "red dot" icon to enter record modes.

  6. Select the recording mode from the icons along the bottom of the screen. Typically Time Lapse is the only mode you want to capture in.

  7. Once the record mode is selected the camera will confirm your entered shoot settings. Tap OK to confirm these are correct and the camera will beep twice to confirm it is recording.

  8. You can double check the camera is recording as the LED will flash every 6 seconds.

NOTE: If you did not hear an audible beep-beep that is a false start. Long press the power button. Confirm the camera is on with a solid green at the top of the LED, proceed with a short press of the power button. The camera will sound an audible "beep-beep"

If the LED is blinking every 6 seconds, the camera is recording according to the schedule you set.

To stop recording, simply press and hold the power button for 2 secs. The camera will emit a long beep, and the LED will illuminate green. This indicates that the camera has written the time-lapse video file and has turned the Wifi on. You can now connect your phone / tablet to download files, or change settings.

QUICK TIP - you can quickly enter record mode without using the APP. Turn the camera on as normal (green LED light), then short press (<1sec) the power button again. The camera will enter record mode with the last shoot settings entered.

NOTE: it’s worth remembering, if the camera is left alone, or no settings are changed, it will turn itself off after 4 minutes of inactivity.

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