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When should I check my camera?

We often get asked, “how often/when should I check my camera?”

After three years of working with the system this is the simplest graph I could come up with.

Basically, what interval and project are you capturing? And do you wish to be swimming in too much content? eh-hem think editing here.

Projects are either short, medium or long term. Just like Goldilocks. Think of it as training wheels are just about to come off and the settings are nearly perfect. It's up to you to stay on top of your camera checks to ensure the camera is in operation. Once you go outside of these parameters are in a risky category.

The SHORTER interval

i.e. between one and five seconds is in the AGGRESSIVE category this means you will need to check your camera much more frequently. Run the camera hard for truss days, single days of concrete pours and quick action being completed within 20 minutes up to one 6-8 hours.

TIP: at this setting it's wise to upgrade that card to 32 mb to be sure you have all the content for that single day.


Can this be new category? I believe it should be.

These are the in-between projects. The weekly or biweekly jobs. Ie Window or roof shingle installation. The jobs you know you're going to be on site that you're monitoring closely and you're watching the camera. At this interval you have two weeks of content running 12 hours a day using lithium batteries and a 16 gig card. Both will be used up.


aka the "sweet spot" of the system. Set the camera for your 8 hour, recording 5 days (Monday-Friday), go grab a drink at the nearest delightful location. This is for long broad changes when you want to monitor your site and provide. Our rough calculations for this setting is the camera will last for over 45 days.

We recommend monthly checks because you never know when natural disaster or human meanness will strike. And it will! We have proof of that too.

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