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Daylight Savings Time and Firmware update reminder

It's camera check time friends.

This week is the perfect time to schedule a camera check.

These recommended monthly checks are part of our "best practices" for camera operation. This one in particular is pretty critical to cover the daylight savings time jump in time.

We say, fire up that cam and “Check those Bat’s and Stats”.

All battery operated cameras running a scheduler will need to be checked this week to ensure they are running spot on schedule.

Get your Energizer Bunny Batteries out and replace as needed.

Change out those cards, archive and save your content, and most especially, know the camera will automatically sync to the correct time-but not until it is connected to the app.

Otherwise, the camera will record an hour off if you are using scheduled recording.

Helpful reminder:

Firmware update.

Here's the shorty on the steps:

  1. Keep your camera off and not connected to Wi-fi

  2. Open up the Afidus Time Lapse App app first

  3. Download the firmware

  4. Power Camera on and connect to wi-fi

  5. Open the Afidus Time Lapse App

  6. Settings > Firmware > Update, wait for the series of beeps to be complete and follow the reconnection connection process.

This video guides you through the process. The firmware in this video is an older version however the process remains the same.

As always, please reach out to us for your questions and we will be there to assist you.

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