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This article is for Android users connecting to the camera and they are seeing the

"Opps, change your Wi-Fi network" message

Connecting with Android Tip

Typically connecting to the Afidus time lapse camera through the Wi-fi hotspot is complete within a minute. There are times when this is not the case. Digging a little deeper as Android is in the rollout process we have discovered some users will need to completely turn off their Mobile Data Connection.


Swipe down from the top of the screen, select Settings, press Data usage

flick the Mobile data switch from On to Off - (this will completely turn off your mobile data connection)

  1. Always start with a fresh set of brand name batteries (Energizer Max) and the manufacturer supplied 16mb mSD card installed.

  2. Power on your camera by holding down the power button until you hear a “beep”. The LED will light green to indicate power is on, and the camera is broadcasting its Wifi signal. Go back to your phone and search for the cameras Wifi network. It will be listed as “ATL200_xxxxxxxxx” (this is the cameras unique ID number).

  3. Connect your phone to this network and enter the TimeLapseCamera password “87654321”.

Android 11 was rolled out in stages over the past six months and it was not a smooth transition. If you have camera is running pre-Android 11 firmware, here is the roll-out list. If you have a Google Pixel running Android 11, the fix took a long time and every Pixel user had issues.

Have you updated your phone?

  • Delete the app

  • Restart your mobile device

  • Reinstall the Afidus App

Other TIPS to try:

  • If the app becomes unresponsive, refresh the app by closing it and restarting it.

  • If the connection continues to spin and is unresponsive, refresh it by closing the mobile device settings app down and reopen it. Start the app and try again.

  • If the camera does not connect, head back to settings and “forget” the wifi network.

  • Call us, we will help. 507-885-0070

If you did not purchase your camera from us:

Due to new government GDPR rules (General Data Protection) you might be asked to change your password to a new, personal one. You will be instructed by the App to enter a new password. Once this is done, go back to your wifi network list and click “Forget Network” for your ATL. Lastly, simply reconnect to the ATL-xxxxxxx network using your new, personal password. You should now have a connection between your camera and your phone / tablet. To test this, go to the App main screen and tap the bottom left icon “Camera”. If successful, you should be taken to the viewfinder and settings screen of the App.

November 2019 passwords are a mandatory change required by GDPR

Please note:

the camera will automatically turn off its Wifi after 4 minutes of wifi inactivity. This is indicated by the camera emitting a long beep and then it will shut down. HELP!!! MY CAMERA STILL WONT CONNECT!!! If, by accident you entered the manufacturer password (12345678) your camera will not connect to WiFi. To resolve this, please forget the camera connection in your settings and enter the current TimeLapseCamera password, 87654321.

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