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Zoom range of the Afidus 200S Camera

16-36 mil Optical + 4X Digital Zoom

One of the best feature upgrades introduced into the 200S model is the 4X Digital Zoom.

Toggle this on within the settings menu to engage the 4x Digital zoom. This is an excellent feature for macro focus time-lapse settings.  We encourage you take a snap shot using the app and review the quality of the zoom for yourself if you wish to engage it on your next time-lapse. 

We recommend staying within the Optical Zoom range of the camera system (16-35 mil)
as it will have the best quality in the video clips.

16 mil 

Start wide for your first view.


Toggle the wide angle


within the settings menu

to adjust the fisheye.

16 mil zoom@3x.png
200S Optical 16 mil example.jpg

35 mil 

Zoom in more for your scene

This is the top of the

Optical Zoom range within the camera.

We recommend staying within the Optical Zoom range of the system for best results.

35 mil zoom@3x.png
200S 35 mil Optical Zoom example.jpg

Start of the

Digital Zoom range

2X Digital

2x Digital@3x.png
200S digital zoom 2X example.jpg

4X Digital

Zoom in and get up close

Review the screenshot taken by the app.

4x Digital @3x.png
200S zoom 140mil example copy.jpg
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