Clamps and mounts

Got to lock it down somehow. This page is dedicated to the many examples of how to mount your camera on location.

Clamp Monster_3x.png

clamp monster

Four versatile posts with one ball head makes this the BEST goto for posting

Magnet Monster_3x.png

mag monster

Got steel to work with?

No problem!

120 lb of pure secure holding power.

Milk Jug_3x.png

be unique

Inventive solutions for unique situations.

including suction cups, Uni-strut posts,

jugs and more



Great for short term monitored applications

07292020 RST-0079.jpg

Clamp Monster

Hands down the most versatile clamp in the Time Lapse Camera line-up of mounting methods. Four posts to try out for the perfect fit in nearly any situation. Add plastic zip-ties or metal straps to secure in sticky situations. 

Clamp Monster_3x.png
07292020 RST-0058.jpg

Mag Monster

No nails no problem!

This mount will put you up and running in no time. Mounted to steel this has 120lb of pulling torque power enough to hold tight on top of a moving vehicle traveling at 65 mph. 

Magnet Monster_3x.png
Milk Jug_3x.png

Unique mounts

Be creative, be inventive, invent or use what you need to get the job done.


From trail camera mounts, to towering Uni-Struts supportive systems and including the dip into the recycling bin with the milk jug-these ideas are sure to get your next idea sparked. 


Tripod Mount

Short term-no problem. Always check to make sure the cameras are completely secure and outside of harms way.