You asked for easier.

You asked for fixed focus.

You asked for it.


Afidus delivered.

What is the ATL-201 capable of?


In January of 2020, was an integral part documenting the progress of the MicroTunnel Boring Machine located in Rochester, Minnesota. During this project 16 cameras were positioned throughout the site capturing the various phases and critical transition points. This footage was captured exclusively using the new Afidus ATL-201 long term time lapse camera.


Non-Stop Capture Time: 22 days Schedule Record Time: Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 5:00 pm FPS: 30 Resolution: Full HD 1080


Secure your camera with the right clamp for the job. 

The Clamp Monster features a ball head with

four versatile positions to mount and
wide opening fit up to 2.25".


Big enough to fit around your studs


take a peek

  • Full HD 1080 Sensor

    1080 in a long term camera

  • Wi-Fi App Control

    with full screen preview

  • MP4

    MP4 video file format

  • Weather Resistant

    IP65 rated

  • Pinch Zoom Screen

    to confirm precise focus

  • Timer

    Capture working hours only

  • Sony HDR Sensor

    Hi Dynamic Range

  • Long Battery Life

    Weeks to months

* CARD STORAGE * AFIDUS Manufacturer states cameras are compatible up to 128 GB although not all brands have been tested to confirm they are compatible. In most cases using a 64 GB card is more than enough for standard construction projects. We recommend monthly camera checks and archiving content along the way.

What is the ATL-201 capable of?


A year in the making testing out the Afidus ATL-201 camera. We share with you results of nature's beauty in the form observation through weather and changing seasons. These clips presented in no particular order, the diversity of natural content withstanding storms and sunsets. They were drawn together with only two modifications made in the post production process; playback speed increase and blended transitions to smooth them together.  No color editing was implemented. 

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