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Can I connect my Afidus Camera to a computer?

Yes you can, first some essential information.

The Afidus camera's USB port is both power and data, however, not simultaneously.

1) Connecting the camera is for data transfer only. Data transfer when using the USB cord is a slower method of saving the content. We recommend removing the card from the camera and using a dedicated mSD card reader to save/archive those many files.

2) It is not for recharging/controlling/programming the camera. It will not power up your rechargeable batteries. Speaking of which, we do not recommend using them as they will get stuck in the battery carriage.

3) When connected to a computer, the camera will shut down automatically. The camera will time out due to power saving programing that users do not have control of. continually discovers many features of the camera system and what it is capable of.

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