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Best Batteries we recommend using

Long story short-NEVER use rechargeable batteries for long term time-lapses! These batteries self discharge and are not suitable for powering long term projects. They are also likely to get stuck in the battery carriage because they are slightly larger in diameter when compared to the leading brand.

Best Brands

  • Energizer Max (alkaline)

  • Energizer Ultimate (lithium) *

  • Duracell Black Ultra (alkaline)

For super cold weather

The Energizer Lithium batteries get a special call out in our book due for cold weather use. In Minnesota, we experience temperatures dropping below -30°.

Fine print on Lithium Batteries

Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries provide longer run time and maintain a charge when the temperature dips. They cost more, but provide better performance, especially if the temperature is sub-zero to 30F. The only catch with lithium batteries is the steep power curve, they are either good or dead, there is little mid-range and they may fail without warning. However, the failure point is longer than standard alkaline batteries.

Our best advise ever

Do not use cheap off brand generic batteries (this includes Kirkland from Costco) as this will severely reduce your camera operation time!

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Aug 28, 2021

Can the camera be connected to a larger 6V or 12 V battery to extend use?

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