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LED INDICATOR, what does this mean?

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

The LED indicator at the top of the camera is critical to determining the status of your camera. This is what we use to verify that it is recording or if it is in need of attention.

We recommend for all cameras being posted on jobs that you check your cameras weekly with just a simple visual check of the LED to ensure that it has a green blinking flash approximately every six seconds.

LED Status Indicator

Power on: Green on

No SD card: Solid Red

System Breakdown: Red flash /1 sec. *

Battery Low: Red Flash/10 sec.

Firmware update: flash/1 sec.

Hardware Reset: flash 3 times

Recording Modes:

Recording: Green flash/6 sec.

Schedule Snapshot On Demand, Step Video: Flash 0.2 sec. x1

PIR, Hybrid: Flash 0.2 sec. x2

Blinking red led? NOW WHAT DO I DO?

* If you happen to have a flashing red light 1/sec. then the best course of action would be to remove and change all the batteries to fresh brand name batteries. It doesn't hurt to reseat the card at this time as well. Then continue to power on the camera and connect it to your mobile device using the Wi-fi through your settings menu.

A little more about the batteries, which brand do we recommend.

Fresh name brand batteries we recommend include: Energizer Max, Duracell, Duracell Black and Energizer Lithium. We do not recommend recycled or generic brand batteries, these include Kirkland, Target, Mastercell etc. They simply do not hold their charge on comparison to the leading brands.

Energizer Lithium batteries have proven to be the best battery brand to use in severe winter cold northern temperature climates. Be warned, they will have a steep drop in voltage and will suddenly stop working, in comparison to using Energizer Max or Duracell Black. batteries.

Question: How Should I store my camera when not in use

When the camera is not use we typically store it in a soft can thermo coozie. You know...the ones you get for your soft drinks. This extra padded layer will help any bumps along the way. We hope to add can coozies to our product line as a freebee in the near future.

We highly recommend removing the battery carriage from the camera unit when not in use. It's fact, all batteries will drain slowly over time when not in use and located in the unit. We have seen this occurrence not only with the Afidus Camera system but with DJI drones, GoPro's Hero 7, and DLSR cameras etc.

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