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Afidus, What comes in the box?

This video introduces you to the optional accessories included within the Afidus Time Lapse Camera box.

As of January 2020, accessories include:

0:19 Velcro strap, useful for temporary short term projects

0:29 Plastic lens protector, good for additional production with extreme dirt and debris situations.

0:44 Battery removal key, for when the batteries might swell or off brand batteries which are slightly thicker than the leading brand batteries.

0:56 USB power cord, for when you want to connect your camera to your computer system or an auxiliary power source.

1:10 The Afidus time lapse camera, purchased from TimeLapseCameras.com comes with the manufacturer batteries and 16GB micro SD card preinstalled. This video walks you through how to remove the batteries and card and how to install the micro SD card.

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