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Afidus, What comes in the box?

Updated: Mar 29, 2021 prepares each camera for successful use right out of the box. This video introduces you to the accessories included with your Afidus Time Lapse Camera.

As of January 2020, accessories include:

0:19 Velcro Strap useful for camera mounting especially during short-term projects or those that require moving the camera frequently. (more robust mounting options available at

0:29 Plastic Lens Protector additional protection for extreme dirt and debris situations. See note below.

0:44 Battery Removal Key batteries vary slightly in size and may swell under certain conditions. This tool assists with hard to remove batteries. More information about batteries is found in this informative video Battery Video

0:56 USB Power Cord used connect your camera to an auxiliary power source or your computer system for data transfer.

1:10 Batteries & Micro SD Card our “ready to shoot” package is included with your Afidus Time lapse camera purchase. Watch to see how to remove/install batteries and the mSD card.

Accessory Update February, 2021

The ATL-200S cameras purchased from will be supplied with a new accessory: a silicone sleeve.

This sleeve is currently in long-term field testing for its ability to aid in the camera’s water resistance as it protects the power button, LED display, USB port, and battery cover from inclement driving water entry. Our testing is ongoing as to the benefit of this new addition.

Our conclusion thus far–please consider using it as additional protection as always it’s a good thing.

Lens Protector

A handy little accessory which can help protect your lens in extreme situations.

This accessory comes in handy in extreme work situations where paint overspray, spray foam, or excessive dirt may come into direct contact with the camera lens. This video shows how to install it on the camera. NOTE: be sure to clean the lens & protector prior to installation.

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