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Snap Shot aka. STOP MOTION, a creative recording mode

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Snapshot is one of the most creative and manual modes to use within the Afidus Timelapse Camera system.

After this mode is deployed a capture is taken each and every time the power button is pressed briefly and manually at the camera system. It will record a "snapshot" within a 3 second timeframe. You repeat this process to the end of your project. All the shots are collected into one screaming fast .mp4 video file for later editing enjoyment.

This video walks you through the set-up and deployment of the camera system using Snapshot Mode stepping you through each pumpkin placement.

What can you expect from SnapShot/Stop Motion mode?

It's always exciting to see the time lapse right out of the camera. This feature has a little surprise with it, when it comes to the polishing part.

There are so many lessons on this video mode and how to create with it. In this Time-lapse Chronicles,

Lesson 1:

Always. Always. ALWAYS. Choose the right mode for the job and make sure your camera is on a steady tripod or securely anchored.

Lesson 2:

The assistant was my 11-year-old son as the camera operator. Little did I know one of the tripod legs was a little wobbly. My bad. This is the second time I’ve used snapshot stop motion create a recording mode with Afidus camera system. It’s easy enough to say after a while we got the hang of it. Click the power button wait three seconds and repeat indefinitely.

Intentionally this video was supposed to reveal only the pumpkins. Obviously, we had fun in the process.

SnapShot/Stop Motion is a very unique creative mode to use.

Be patient, be persistent, be prepared.

My wobbly outcome is definitely a time lapse tip and great example of what not to do. Aka affectionately known as #videodud


Using this mode exposures are taken with a power press of a button and the footage will be compiled through the camera app in the in one speedy video .Mp4 video file. You must further edit the video, slow it down to nearly 1-10% of the playback speed. Aka Ludacris Lugubrious speed aka slightly faster than a sloth.

We are excited Afidus is very responsive to user feedback. In the near future this mode will officially be changed to "Stop Motion". This will add great clarity for you to select the right mode to record in. Thus the mode, "Time Lapse" should be used 99% of the time for the job.

Any other mode is just fun.

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