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A Motion Sensing Camera? PIR recording Mode, Afidus Time Lapse Camera

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

There are 5 recording modes within the Afidus ATL 200S Time Lapse camera. When to use them properly is the magic behind the action. For this video I’ll share with you information about P.I.R. motion sensing creative recording mode.


This creative recording mode will create dozens if not hundreds of files for you to select from. If a bug, a leaf, tree or anything moves within the sensor area, and it has contrast in the scene, it will create a file. It will chew through your batteries and card faster than you can say….Sasquatch.

PIR MP4 video files on editing timeline

This sample above was recorded on January 1, 2020. PIR mode was used to document the intruder wreaking havoc on plastic parts in a shed. The camera was left unattended for several days and left to record. In total more than 240 total clips were created. Be mindful the sensor trigger at the slightest of movement, even change in light.

Our take:

We would love to see joined files and a selectable PIR capture interval. If you are doing a project without set hours, for example, restoring a car. The camera will record when there is movement and wait idle for the next action.

As a creative mode it’s best to say use at your own risk, plan ahead, and be prepared to watch the system closely.

Afidus planned for a solution:

experiment with Hybrid Mode. You get motion activated capture within a time lapse and you won't have an endless number of files. I will detail Hybrid capture soon. But sasquatch still applies, keep an eye on your card space and batteries. More on this mode will be shared within another post.

Enough about the negatives. Now for the positives: it has the potential to catch great critter action. ‘Critters’ must be used in synonymously referring to animals or human-catch my drift?

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