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Wide Angle, Afidus Time-Lapse Camera app feature

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Why does the horizon appear to be fish-eyed or bowed?

Answer: because the lens is equal to a 16-35mil optical zoom lens.

From the settings menu select Wide Angle and turn this ON or OFF depending upon what appeals for your scene.

If you are viewing your footage and the horizon appears to ”bow” you can check this by setting the alignment grid on (aka “Hash bars”) on from the main preview window.

The alignment bars are a handy way to make sure you are aligned down the center and framing your subject exactly how you want it to look.


Head over to settings and check Wide Angle, turn it OFF.


This will do a decent job to straighten out that horizon. Turning this feature OFF does crop the scene in a little.

"What if it's ON and I don't like it?"

In certain situations, the wide angle view may be desirable or not. If you record your project with the setting on and there’s bowing in your footage this can be smoothed out with a few post production techniques.

Distortion correction presets are built into advanced editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve (purchased edition).

When using Adobe Premiere, look for GoPro and DJI presets. Alternatively, you can pin corners or crop. This is not an automatic process and will take finessing.

This brings us to another article, Editing your Timelapse. This article is coming soon.

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