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In-depth on AE (Auto Exposure) Optimizer

A new feature within the ATL-200S/201S model is a small sensor right under the lens, the sensor provides more precise optical light information to camera.

What it does:

AE (Auto Exposure) Optimizer improves the shifts in white balance, potential flicker and exposure fluctuations with light changing through the day and your scene. This feature overrides the 50/60 Hz selection and reduces exposure flicker.

Exposure shifts/flicker will always happen, especially during quick light changes such as sunrises/sunsets or a cloudy day. A full featured DSLR may have very similar results which requires extensive frame editing for perfection.


Smooths out the exposure and helps to reduce flicker within the footage.


Left on this feature consumes the battery faster.

More testing will be done and shared by the TimeLapseCameras team on this feature and the battery life reduction.

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