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In-depth on AE (Auto Exposure) Optimizer

Updated: May 28, 2021

A new feature within the ATL-200S/201S model is a small sensor right under the lens, the sensor provides more precise optical light information to camera.

What it does:

AE (Auto Exposure) Optimizer improves the shifts in white balance, potential flicker and exposure fluctuations with light changing through the day and your scene. This feature overrides the 50/60 Hz selection and reduces exposure flicker.

Exposure shifts/flicker will always happen, especially during quick light changes such as sunrises/sunsets or a cloudy day. A full featured DSLR may have very similar results which requires extensive frame editing for perfection.


Smooths out the exposure and helps to reduce flicker within the footage.


Left on this feature consumes the battery faster.

Let's dig deeper into this video with a little more information on the set-up.

In total, 7 files with an average file of 420mb per file was generated. With the Split File by date turned ON daily files were generated making its easier to identify each separate day. Without changes to speed the content would have been over 5 minutes in length. Using speed ramps in Adobe Premiere Pro I pushed and pulled the clips to the video example you see.

Camera Model: Afidus ATL-200S

Interval: 1 minute

Recorded: March 3, 9:47 am - March 9th, 8:03 pm | 24 hours a day

Total content recorded: 2.95 GB

mSD card: 16 Gb

Batteries: This was the first testing of Pale Blue Lithium Ion USB rechargeable batteries. Not the typical Energizer Max, Lithium or Duracell Optimum batteries we usually recommend.

Seasonal Time lapse observation is possible. We are always testing various scenarios from brand batteries with changes to interval, scene, and exposure.

Posted in the back yard, this past March for 6 days, the objective was to test the duration of USB rechargeable batteries and results of the Auto Exposure and Digital image stabilization within the Afidus ATL-200S Time Lapse Camera.

We are beyond thrilled with the exposure captured, and little light flicker in daytime to sunset/sunrise transitions. Visible Star trails paired with the moons early daytime travel path are seen clearly.

All video settings and screenshots are present within this video of what was used to set it.


The testing battery brand did not make cut and will not be recommended to our customers. The results of the content for six days of capture-worth it to share.

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