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Video Compression what does it really mean.

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Afidus is always improving their app and increasing it's capability, just like iOS. One of the more recent changes delivered in a firmware update (4334 for ATL-200/201 models and version 4444 for the ATL-200S) is the video Compression Mode.

Afidus has simplified this video setting within the Settings fly-out menu. When selected it will present two options:

Compatible vs Efficiency.

A simple answer is that file size will vary with settings. Efficiency compression generates approximately 30% smaller files compared to capturing in Compatible mode

Our Take:

Leave it on Compatibility. You are welcome to try out Efficiency compression mode with your computer/editing system to ensure it will work for your needs.


If you are checking your cameras weekly/biweekly, and especially monthly, like we recommend within standard operating settings ("one-minute to-win-it", weekdays, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm), your 16gb card will not fill up, but remember to check those batts & stats!

Let's dive deeper into this topic.

Specifically, Efficiency uses the H.265 codec, which is a newer codec. H.264 is reliable across most video players and editing software. However, Efficiency uses the newer HVC1 codec which, for example, is not compatible with Mac OS older than High Sierra 10.13. What this means for older Mac and Window users is stock video players such as QuickTime or Windows Media Player will not play the file.

CODEC Summary:

ATL 200S/201S Models:

Compatible records in Motion JPEG Video (MJPG)

Efficiency records in MPEG -H Part 2/HEVC (H.265) (hvc1)

Previous ATL 200/201 Models:

Efficiency will record in h264 MPEG-4AVC (part 10_ (avc 1)

Compatible records in Motion JPEG Video (MJPG)

Known playback incompatibility issues:

As of March 2021, Movavi editor will NOT play back files recorded using the 200S camera in Efficiency Compression (H.265 format). The solution for this, convert the files using a program such as Wondershare File Converter.


DO NOT worry, a solution is just around the corner. Use VLC player. This handy dandy little backup player comes in great allowing you a back-up, just in case.

Otherwise, you might need to look into updating your operating system for proper playback and future video editing.


Efficiency offers the option of capturing 30% more footage within the same card space without compromising video quality.

Be safe, save it.

Sure Efficiency will save your card space. However let's talk about content safety.

Pull the content from the card, by replacing the card, and back it up to a second or third location for safe keeping and future editing.

We’ll provide more details in another blog on the topic “How to store and organize your Timelapse Content safely.”

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