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BLC: Back Light Compensation

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

A new feature to explore within the Afidus ATL-200S time lapse camera system.

What is it?

Back light Compensation is a new scene introduced with the Afidus ATL-200S camera system to consider using in situations where the object is lit from behind.

In summary, it will balance out the light from the back to the front.

BACK LIGHT CONTROL feature when selected, will brighten the front of the subject and balance the light from the back to the front of the scene.

When not used, you can expect the shadows to appear more natural.


It's a challenge

This particular subject was challenging as it was lit 100% naturally. Light moved throughout the day from a south facing window to the far west bouncing off reflective snow.

Special care and attention to exposure must be considered as light changes throughout the day. We advise this scene to be used in controlled situations.


How to set it:

Select BLC feature from the Scene Icon.

Our recommendation:

Try it out. Check that footage a few hours or the second day into the project.

Make Adjustments. Especially, if you are in an uncontrolled lighting situation such as outside where the light is unpredictable.

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