07292020 RST Afidus 200S-0066.jpg


Ever witness a large trade show booth being installed in under 30 seconds?

Or a sandwich shop being constructed in three minutes?

How about the demolition of a 300 ft., 50-year-old chimney in less than five minutes, changing what generations have known as their community’s skyline?


Changing the concept of time and landscape is possible with the Afidus long-term, time-lapse camera. It's an effortless way to record any construction project.


Worried about the weather? Don’t be. The Afidus camera is sturdy and weather-resistant. It’s meant to be on the job site capturing your hard work and dedication. And with its customizable schedule recording capabilities, you can schedule it to work when you work.


Set it. Check it. Edit or Share immediately.

If you can’t wait to share your video with friends, family, coworkers, and potential clients, use the content as is. If you're more of a perfectionist, refer to the online documentation and how-to videos to edit to your heart’s content.