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1000 Square foot Mural Installation

Updated: Apr 1

The Riverside Elementary Mural project is now a reality!

Named, “The Identity Project,” the mural captures the spirit of youth empowerment and individuality through the adaptation of their art. “We wanted every child to be displayed doing what represents them," explains Lida Casper, Community School Site Facilitator at Riverside.

The result is a collection of artwork that represents the uniqueness of the students, as well as, their shared sense of creativity and bringing a community together.

Tech Specs: This video was filmed using five Afidus ATL-200 time lapse cameras, utilizing the timer feature within the Afidus app. The camera was configured at 30 second interval during working hours (Mon-Fri from 7 am - 8:30 pm). The content was captured over the course three weeks, non-stop, without a battery changes.

The video team: https://TimeLapseCameras.com

Photographer/Editor: Marie Ferguson https://www.dm-create.com

Photographer: Josh Banks https://www.banksphotos.com

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