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How to capture Fireworks

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Ever wondered the settings for trying to capture Fireworks. Well Marie got down to business and fired up a five camera test. In this video she reveals two potential outcomes.

The greatest learning take-away point, when shooting in Star Scene mode this is only applicable for... you guessed it Stars. Which is NOT fireworks. Let's think about this for a second. Fireworks are Fast. When the camera is set to Star Scene mode the system will capture 2" long exposures. Causing a light trail. Therefore switch to either either Auto or Daylight scene mode. This will increase the exposure to 1/30 respectively.

Mind you, fireworks are large pops and explosions creating bursts of light. Therefore, decrease the exposure within the system down.

TIP: always review the footage immediately afterwords to see which direction you need to switch to. Our intent for this video is a starting point for settings.

Our take: just like Stars, fireworks is an event that can be repeated. Try-Try-again.

Camera Model: Afidus ATL-200S

Recording Mode: Timelapse

Interval: Constant Capture or 1 second

Why? because the quicker the action is the faster you want the interval to be.

FPS: 30

Scene Mode: use Auto or Daylight.

Do NOT use Star.

Why? two great reasons, fireworks are nothing but pops of flashes.

and Star capture mode records at a slower exposure. Similar to 2 seconds. You want those the long light trails from vehicles, sure or stars? Do it and use it.

But not for Fireworks. Your footage will be blown out.

Exposure: Dial it down. -1 or -2

HDR: Medium or High.

All the rest, contrast, sharpness, saturation, can be adjusted to suit your interest.

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