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Extreme weather Video Lapse Drive to Iowa

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Travel is a big component of Memorial Day weekend and this video highlights the Afidus camera’s Video Lapse feature. Rather than a single frame captured at a specific interval, Video Lapse captures 15FPS real time video at a specific interval. In this case, the camera was set to capture a video burst every three seconds with the interval set to every 5 minutes. The content was sped up a bit for a perfect Insta minute to share on our instagram channel.

Introducing Marie's take on the video. Hey, Marie @myold1875 here and I have a story to tell. While on a recent trip to Iowa, I shot this video thinking “hey, why not, you never know what you’re going to get.” Serial #001 camera was mounted on the inside of my windshield with a suction cup. I never thought we would drive through 2-3 rain storms, capture a rainbow, and drive into the blazing sunset. Let’s not even talk about the safety of grabbing the camera off the windshield and facing it toward the rainbow in hopes it would be captured!

Next time you’re driving, grab a cam and post it. You’ll never know what you’ll capture along the way. This is four hours of driving condensed into one sweet drive lapse minute."

Afidus Video Lapse Mode
Video Lapse Mode

Our Timelapse tip for this video: select the Video Lapse from the mode options. Calculate your estimated drive time. Consider burst recording set to 3 seconds with every 5 to 10 minutes.

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