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Afidus ATL-200S - Short Delay - Shipping Week of 3/8


Placing an order now to ensure fastest delivery.


​We have mentioned a possible delay could come at anytime, over the past few months. Demand is outpacing production. At this point our next supply will be here the week of March 8. An order placed now, assures you will receive the next possible camera(s). 

The ATL-200 is now the 200S, same great camera, with more responsive refinement and new app features including 4x Digital Zoom, Digital Image Stabilization, Split File by Date and more. Everything about the Award Winning ATL-200 is in the ATL-200S and more. 

What is the ATL-200 capable of?


In January of 2020, was an integral part documenting the progress of the MicroTunnel Boring Machine located in Rochester, Minnesota. During this project 16 cameras were positioned throughout the site capturing the various phases and critical transition points. This footage was captured exclusively using the new Afidus ATL-201 long term time lapse camera.


Non-Stop Capture Time: 22 days Schedule Record Time: Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 5:00 pm FPS: 30 Resolution: Full HD 1080

Introducing the Afidus ATL-200 Time Lapse Camera
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Updated September,  2020


Document your short or long term timelapses with this feature packed camera. The ATL-200S is your professional solution including multiple recording modes, dual optical and 16-35 mm with 4X digital  zoom, macro and distance focus capability.

Released January, 2020


Capable simplicity defines the second generation timelapse camera from Afidus with amazing low-light capability. The fixed focal point make it the time-saving,
go-to solution for quick setup on site without having to focus.

Hands Master App Screens.jpg

Dive into learning about the camera at our full on-line user guide.

We continue to update this section as Afidus add new features with every update. 


Product of the Year

The Afidus ATL-200 long term time lapse camera received Product of the Year at the 2019 National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas. 


Afidus Time Lapse Camera Features

Full HD 1080 Sensor

1080 in a long term camera

Motion Detection

Surveillance, nature, traffic

(ATL-200 only)

Dual Zoom Lens

16-35mm equivalent

with 4X Digital Zoom

(ATL-200S only)


Capture working hours only

Wi-Fi App Control

with full screen preview

Sony HDR Sensor

Hi Dynamic Range


MP4 video file format

Long Battery Life

Weeks to months

The Afidus ATL-200S and ATL-201 are exciting long term time lapse cameras. It has been a long wait for an innovative camera to hit the market, the wait is finally over. Getting a long term camera to 1080 has been challenging, Afidus did it and added so much more. The creative aspect of a optical zoom lens with autofocus alone is a game changer with the ATL-200. Finally, frame the scene you want without the cost of optional lenses.  Explore the site and discover the potential. is the exclusive retailer for the Afidus camera in North America. Afidus chose us because of our customer care reputation, wealth of product knowledge and experience with long term time lapse cameras. We have been working with Afidus for since October of 2018 on testing and product improvement, to deliver a great new camera to you. This is our micro-site dedicated to in-depth and accurate information regarding this amazing new camera.

What's up with us!


Full Service Installation and Video Capture

We dove into the 2019 CES and AUSA trade shows in partnership with clients posting cameras on-site. After these unique build experiences we swam out thinking about a trade show booth time lapse business model.

TimeLapseCameras take:

Trade show booth builds are a perfect application for time lapse. What better way to have eyes on your exhibit than construction and visitor traffic social media posts the first day of the show. You could hire the team or do-it-yourself with the Afidus time lapse cameras. The camera's battery life allows for unattended operation for the entire process from set-up to show day.

Clip Details:

Camera : Afidus ATL-201

Content captured over 6 days | October, 2019 |  Interval: 30 seconds  |  24 hours a day

What's up with us!


Out of the box and running, this is what long term time lapse is all about. 79 day total duration, 55 day construction capture during working hours, (7am - 5pm) using the camera's timer and weekday scheduling features. A capture every minute made creating this video an easy task for the camera. Whether you are the builder, sub-contractor or facility owner. At $389 for an Afidus camera, there is no easier and lower cost way to create amazing and compelling marketing content.

Clip Details:

Camera: Afidus ATL-200

Content captured over 55 working days (7a - 5p) <79 days total from start to finish>
 January 17 - April 5, 2019 |  Interval: 
1 minute 

What's up with us!


A year in the making testing the Afidus ATL-201 camera. We share with you results of nature's beauty in the form observation through weather and changing seasons. These clips are presented in no particular order, the diversity of natural content withstanding storms and sunsets. This content was mixed together with only two modifications made in the post production process; playback speed increase and blended transitions to smooth them together.  No color editing was implemented. 

Clip Details:

Camera: Afidus ATL-201

Content captured over testing throughout 2019

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