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How to update the Firmware on your Afidus Time Lapse Camera.

In this video we walk you through step-by-step how to update your firmware.

Be sure to start with your camera off and not connected to Wifi. Download the firmware from the app. Once that has been downloaded to your mobile device then power your camera on, connect it to your local wifi network and update the firmware from the settings menu.

It's important to know, the camera will cycle through two sets of beeps, the app and camera shut down.

At this time, power your camera back on, reconnect the camera to your WiFi network and confirm the Firmware has been updated from the settings menu.

At the end of the video we remind you to check your "Batts and Stats". We recommend checking your cameras monthly, using fresh batteries with every start of every project and saving your card content along the way.

Please note: As of March 16, 2020 the current firmware version is 4120. All other steps to update the firmware are exactly the same as shown in the above tutorial.

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