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Connection Top Tips

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Has your camera been sleeping and not used for a while? This article is for you.

These tips are handy with Wi-Fi connection issues with your mobile device. This is commonly seen when the Wi-Fi will not pick up the temporary hot-spot network right away.

Grab a fresh set of brand new name brand batteries or connect to a power source using the manufacturer supplied USB power cord. Ensure your camera is powered on with the solid green LED at the top of the unit.

  1. In the event you have upgraded your iOS system or got a new phone all manufacturing brands recommend removing the app and reinstalling it.

  2. Power cycle your mobile device

  3. Toggle the Wi-fi off for 3 seconds and turn it back on. Once you see a blue check mark, you are connected, proceed to the Afidus App to program your camera.

  4. If the camera bounces around networks:

    1. Forget the Camera

    2. Reconnect with the TimeLapseCamera default password, 87654321.

    3. If you happened to use a different password and do not remember it, please proceed to this article to reset it.

Fresh Batteries are critical for connecting

If there is a delay in the Wi-Fi connection with your mobile device, check your batteries. Are you sure you grabbed a fresh set and brand new name brand ones? Not all brands of batteries have been tested for long-term time lapse recording. Rechargeable batteries are great in theory, however they are slightly thicker in diameter than consumable batteries-these may prevent the carriage from being easily removed.

The battery total charge must be above 5 volts to establish a solid Wi-Fi connection.

Top App tip:

Did you know the app takes a nap? Wake it up!

This is seen commonly with the zoom slider becoming unresponsive to zoom or if you make a section of settings and you do not hear the confirmation beep confirming changes.


Simply close the app and open it up again to refresh it

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