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Chasing the Moon

This was an experiment for the TLC team. Sunday night’s eclipse, had to be captured. Why not see what the new Afidus camera could do. We weren’t expecting greatness with 35mm lens, but the results are intriguing. After compiling the footage, there is a lot going in this clip, let’s break it down, read on friends! Opening click, Marie’s full moon, then moonrise with the Afidus. Captured every 20 seconds, star mode, highest quality. Transition to the eclipse, shot with my Afidus, 5 second capture interval, star mode, -1 exposure, highest quality. After the eclipse it’s back to Marie’s for full moon light and an amazing sunrise. The video is enhanced with Marie’s awesome eclipse stage photos which match the time lapse progression, taken with her 6DII and 100-400 lens. For the backstory of what she went through to get these clicks and other mindblowing eclipse photos, visit @myold1875 on Instagram.

The Afidus camera footage can’t compare to Marie’s full frame DSLR with 400mm lens. However, the Afidus clip is more about what it’s not. It’s not noisy, it’s not overexposed and it wasn’t complex or costly. Sure the moon is a speck, but it’s an impressive little speck to us, 35mm is a long way from 400mm. But the sunrise footage, wow! Marie let her camera run all night, the sunrise and clouds over the barren fields resulted in more magic. The capabilities of the Afidus ATL-200 impress us more each day. It may not be a tool of choice for lunar photography, but on the other end of the spectrum, the macro capabilities are amazing! We are taking pre-orders for February and there are a limited number available. If you want this amazing content creation tool, get on the list soon. Tap the link in our profile or visit for the full screen details.


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