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Changing the WiFi password, firmware update.

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Operating your timelapse camera takes some learning.

We created tutorial videos walking you through the process every step of the way. Afidus continues to be very responsive to the ongoing software updates on all platforms and Government Mandated Security Requirements, we appreciate your patience.

With this newest firmware update to version 3926 the Default password of 1234568 must be changed. This video takes you through the process.

If, by accident you entered the manufacturer password your camera will not connect to WiFi. To resolve this, please forget the camera connection in your settings and enter the current password, 87654321.

As of November, 2019, all new cameras shipped from TimeLapseCameras.com will have the new default password set to 87654321.

Please reach out to us if you have questions, we are here to help.

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