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Changing the WiFi password, firmware update.

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

November 2019

With this firmware update to version 3926 the Default password of 1234568 must be changed. This video takes you through the process.

March 2021 update:

ATL-200S/201S current models the current firmware is 4462 For the ATL-200/201 models, the firmware is 4374.

Operating your timelapse camera takes some learning.

We created tutorial videos walking you through the process every step of the way. Afidus continues to be very responsive to the ongoing software updates on all platforms and Government Mandated Security Requirements, we appreciate your patience.

November 2019

With this firmware update to version 3926 the Default password of 1234568 must be changed. This video takes you through the process.

HELP!!! MY CAMERA STILL WONT CONNECT!!! If, by accident you entered the manufacturer password (12345678) your camera will not connect to WiFi. To resolve this, please forget the camera connection in your settings and enter the current TimeLapseCamera password, 87654321.

As of November, 2019, all new cameras shipped from will have the new default password set to 87654321.

If you did not purchase your camera from us:

Due to new government GDPR rules (General Data Protection) you might be asked to change your password to a new, personal one. You will be instructed by the App to enter a new password. Once this is done, go back to your wifi network list and click “Forget Network” for your ATL. Lastly, simply reconnect to the ATL-xxxxxxx network using your new, personal password. You should now have a connection between your camera and your phone / tablet. To test this, go to the App main screen and tap the bottom left icon “Camera”. If successful, you should be taken to the viewfinder and settings screen of the App. Please note:

The camera will automatically turn off its Wifi after 4 minutes of wifi inactivity. This is indicated by the camera emitting a long beep and then it will shut down.

Please reach out to us if you have questions, we are here to help.

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2 comentarios

29 ago 2020

Marie here, from TimeLapseCameras. Our apologies for just seeing this comment now. If you are using an iOS device, Apple recommends deleting the app and reinstalling it. Apple has had a number of iOS updates within this past year and this process will help the connection. Always remember to have fresh brand new, name brand batteries for every new product you start. With fresh batteries in the unit, power the camera on, establish the Wi-Fi connection, wait for the camera to connect with a check mark. Then start the app.

"Apps take naps too". If the app stalls out, simply close it and start it up. Don't forget to check for firmware updates.

Link to Wi-Fi connection video

Don't forget…

Me gusta

Tim Keiper
22 abr 2020

My phone will not connect to camera any longer. It did at first. I "forgot" the network and reset the password 87654321. It still just spins and does not connect to the ATL network. Help!

Me gusta
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