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How to Download to phone, iOS using the Afidus App.

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Tuesday tip series? It’s alive, another tutorial prepared by

There are times in the field when you may want to use the 'Download to Phone' feature of the Afidus Time Lapse camera system. I.e. When the action was too good not to share immediately on social media. Or, when you need to immediate review the footage for a longer capture. Either way, this is a primer on the process.

This feature needs to be prefaced with...

If you have the time and a great small clip go for it.

Here’s the fine print:

This process takes time and resources. Generally downloading to phone takes approximately 3.5 minutes to download large 512MB files. For this demonstration video my file size was small, a whopping 89MB. This SnapShop (aka Stop Motion) example video was shot exclusively to demonstrate the download process and result of recording in SnapShot mode. This process must be monitored throughout to ensure you don’t lose the connection or the app doesn’t stall out or yo will need to start over. The other side note to recall, you are using WiFi connection which will drain your batteries. My take, choose your download process wisely and use it only if you really need to.

One other way to download to phone, which is significantly faster, use an Apple card reader adapter dongle-thingy. You know what I’m talking about, right?

save and transfer your footage to share


For step by step information on saving content and downloading to phone see our User Guide.

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