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What does the Battery Removal Tool do?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

"Help!!! My battery is stuck in the camera!"

Afidus responded to this issue by shipping the Battery Removal Tool with every camera. In the event the carriage is stuck in the unit, insert the Battery Removal Tool prongs parallel into the marked holes on the end of the carriage.

Afidus time lapse cameras work with micro SD cards up to 128gb in size. However not all brands have been tested to confirm they are compatible. In most cases using a card up 64GB card is more than enough for standard construction projects. We typically recommend monthly camera checks and archiving content along the way.

In this video we share how to remove and insert the card


Help!!!! I've lost the battery key!!!!

Never fear, there are always DIY solutions in your desk.

If your battery is stuck in the camera use these solutions.
Afidus stuck battery

We understand small parts and pieces are likely to get lost in your camera bag. This is one time to get creative. A couple of off the cuff options; paper clip, picture frame saw tooth hanger, or small blunt flat head bit.

In the case of the paper clip, bend it accordingly to mirror the shape as shown and insert into the battery case marked holes.

Did you use Rechargeable Batteries?

Then you are going to need the blunt tool and the battery removal clip to try and wedge it free. This is your gentle reminder to please don't use rechargeable batteries as they are apt to get stuck in the case because they are slightly thicker in diameter in the carriage.

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